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Marine Biologist

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Marine Biologist Profile: Kevin Weng

Kevin WengWhat do you study now?

Great white sharks, salmon sharks, blue sharks, mobulid rays (looks like a manta), molas (ocean sunfish), tunas, deep-sea snappers.

Whats the best thing about your job?

Seeing, touching, learning about wild animals, and helping to manage
and conserve them.

What is the worst thing about your job?

Lots of time in front of the computer.

What inspired you to first study science?

Crawling around in the woods and going fishing with my Dad.

What do you do in a typical day?

Read scientific papers, write scientific papers, ask for research
money, go into the ocean to study fishes and sharks. I do lots of
fishing - it's catch and release, and they get to wear expensive
jewelery! (electronic monitoring devices). 


What advice would you give to someone interested in becoming a biologist?

Curiosity. Passion. Knowledge. Networking. Math. (And lots of school.)


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