New Zealand Natural History Filmmaking Program at Otago University

This course is a two year program where students can earn a Masters of Science Communication (MSciComm) in Science and Natural History Filmmaking.

They claim to be the "world's premier course" for making wildlife films. Montana's program claims the same thing. Its hard to know which one is better. In reality they're both a bit different. It was only recently that the New Zealand program became a two year degree. Before it was a one year program that dealt primarily with theory.

But, truth be told, there are some great young filmmakers coming out of this program. Almost always the award for best newcomer is a showdown between both programs.

The course consists of the following: (and this is taken more or less from their website)
  • The Production of a commercial length film.
  • Getting work experience as an intern at NHNZ or some other institution that specializes in factual filmmaking
  • Learning how to create and craft stories.
  • Learning how to use a camera and edit pieces
  • Understand the design elements that make a film interesting

For more information on this program visit their website.
Otago: Wildlife Filmmaking in New Zealand


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