Presenting with your Films

One of the most important things you'll do with your final video/film is to find a way to show it to others. There are many venues for this, including TV broadcast, live presentations, showing other students in the classroom, or a fairly new method, the internet.

Live Presentations

- How to give a great presentation

TV Broadcasts

If you want to broadcast your videos on TV you're in for along ride. You might first want to call up your local public broadcasting organization, such as PBS and talk to one of their producers. They can point you in the right direction. The second thing you could do is to enter your film into one of the large wildlife film festivals. Here are a few we recommend:

Wildscreen (Bristol, England) / Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival (Jackson Hole Wyoming)

Web Broadcasts (Podcasting)

- How to Podcast

- Podcasting Science Videos

Presenting in the Classroom

- Everything you need to know about presenting with a Powerpoint for class


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