Gear Guide

The assortment of equipment that you may need to make your film can be overwhelming. So we've made the process easy for you by narrowing it down to the fundamental gear by category.  Next, to help you with the imposing task of selecting the right gear from the volumes of stuff out there, we've compiled our select list of top name gear that we actually use to produce our science videos. If it holds up to our demanding shooting environments and production standards, you can bet it's top shelf stuff. To check out the complete line of gear from our select list, simply click on their respective link.


First, you'll need a camera. And knowing which one to best fit your short and long-term needs is vital to getting the most out of your time, production quality, and filmmaking investment.

highend videobeginner video


A production without sound is basically a poor attempt at an old-time movie. So to make your production sing with both ambient and talent audio, check out this gear and the audio lesson.

shotgun micswireless kits


Thank heaven for NLE systems that take the past headaches out of editing analog footage and free you up to concentrate on your creative filmmaking genius. Like cameras, pick one that can grow with your increasing skill set - and the volume of films that you'll be producing.

laptopstowershard drives


Next, you'll need a software editing platform with the latest bells and whistles, and perhaps one that will handle the emerging arena of HD video. You'll also need other plug-in or supportive software to make you a "complete producer" in every aspect of studio production.

editingafter effectsflash animationsound editingaudio library


The pros will tell you, "It's ALL about the lighting!" and they're right. So make your life easier and your films come to life with functional solutions to the imperfect world of natural lighting.

lightingstudio lighting

tripods and support

Shaky shots are cool on CSI TV, but only sometimes. For quality wildlife, environmental and documentary filmmaking, you'll need some decent sticks (tripod) and a smooth head to match.


specialty equipment

With 2/3rds of the earth covered in water, much of the environment and science behind it lives beneath lakes and seas. And because your fancy camera will only last about 1 second fully emerged, you'll need a waterproof camera housing. Because we make serious aquatic films, we need really serious gear to protect our fine cameras. Sorry dude, sandwich bags won't work.

underwater housings


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