How to be a Camera Flyer

So you want to shoot skydiving videos?

Shooting skydiving videos or being a camera flyer can be a fun and rewarding job. In fact, you'll be one of the few to get shots most people can't even imagine. However, it is important that you realize being a camera flyer should only be attempted by experienced skydivers. Most people recommend you hold a C licence before you ever strap a camera to your hed.

But, if you think shooting skydiving videos is right up your alley you should have a good idea of what you'll be asked to do. We've spelt out a few of the important tips and tricks to being a camera flyer.

Tip 1: Become a Skydiver

We know that you know you need to be a skydiver, but we thought we'd mention it anyway. The first thing you'll have to do is get your certification and the best way to do that is through an Advanced Freefall course. We signed up for one and recorded our experience from our first AFF jump. Just remember, this should be a fun thing to do!

Tip 2: Get a professional helmet that allows for Camera mounting.

To become a camera flyer you're going to need the write gear. As it turns our, many companies produce gear for shooting skydiving videos and still images. Browse the following websites to see what you might be purchasing:

Tip 3: Shoot video of skydivers with the sun behind you!

Its difficult for most cameras to get good shots of the skydivers when you have the bright sun in the background. Be aware of this and move accoringly.

Tip 4: Make a story out of the jump.

Most people forget this. Wether you're shooting tandems or fun-jumpers its good practice to shoot a sequence of shots that tell the story of the jump. This includes shots of the antcipation of the jumpers, the plane ride up, the ground below, the exit the freefall and the landing! If you want to make a more compelling piece try for more close up shots of the skydiver!

Tip 5: Learn to move around the skydivers:

This comes with being a good skydiver, but you'll want to make the shot as dynamic as you can. Doing this shows the views of the ground below and clouds surrounding you. It makes for a more engaging video too.


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