filming birdsFilming Birds

Filming birds will likely become more popular in the coming decade as both Canon and Nikon have made cameras with great lenses and great resolution. It makes it easy and as bandwidth, storage media CPU and CCDs expand to allow just about anyone to film, master and produce competent DVDs and video for internet.

The tripod

What is the most important piece of kit? Not the camera. It is actually the tripod! If you're going to play with 20x or even 30x optical zooms you have to be ready for some shake - regardless of what you did the night before. Get it on the Tripod. The other thing that's crept up 'under the radar' is that AFA birders are concerned with the ease of transferring Digital Video tape to hard disc via video capture cards and the latest wonderful generation of programmes to edit video such as Final Cut or iMovie.

A good introductory kit might be a used Canon XL2 where you can exchange long lenses. Sony is coming out with a great camera for this as well which shoots on HD. For more information go to our gear guide.


White Pelecan


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