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One major goal of The Wild Classroom is to educate everyone about the extreme amount of biodiversity in the world. Its amazing. Our sister site, Explore Biodversity, has dedicated itself to discovering and documenting the rich diversity of flora and fauna on this planet. So we've teamed up with them to bring to you some amazing videos and articles related to biological diversity.

What is Biodiversity:
Biodiversity is the total diversity of life on earth - all levels and all forms. This includes diversity at the ecosystem level, the species level and the individual level. Learn more about biodiversity here through this Explore Biodiversity link.


How many species?
Do you know how many species exist on planet earth? Well, neither do we. Scientists have named quite a few species, and are finding new every day, so all we can do is make a good guess as to how many are out there. Still interested? Want to know the numbers? Read more.