Support provided:

Expedition Sponsors

  • For our expedition through Sweden we are looking for individuals or corporations who are willing to assist in our goal to educate Swedish youth through our home based swedish education program and the international podcasting audience through our english feeds.

We at The Wild Classroom, work hard to show people what nature is really about and why it is important for us to take care of it. As a sponsor of The Wild Classroom, you or your company/organization will be a part of the making of a great new era of nature films that work towards conservation of the Earth's resources.

As a sponsor, we could provide you with the following:

  • High Quality photographic material from our expedition from the use of your gear or equipment that you can use for advertising purposes.
  • Media display of your products and company name through TV, Internet broadcast, and post-presentations and seminars associated with the expedition.
  • Your name and organisation will be associated with assisting the conservation of our natural environment.
  • Donations are tax-deductable through our non-profit organisation.



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