ABOUT biodiversity history Video/photo


(Rob) Today we woke up early and rode our bikes into the first Alaskan town, Hyder U.S.A. It was a ghost town really, but is now supported by the fact that there are bears in the town. The area is at the entrance to a salmon stream and right next to Tongass National Park. Its in the middle of a National Monument called Misty Fjords. Its a huge track of land that is full of glaciers, large granite peaks and the largest continous track of temperate rainforest in the north.

(Joseph) Today we road the last stretch of paved Hwy on the Cassiar, We were excited to hear that it would be a fresh layer of pavement. It turned out to be a 6 hour climb with cold rain soaking us to the bone. A pair a grizzly cubs and a picturesque pond with aquatic plants beautified the ride. Yet our shriveled wet skin was happy to see Bell 2 lodge. We paid 11 Canadian for the tent site. It came with luxury showers, hot tub, and a sauna. NO KIDDING.