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June 30th: 220 Km Day

(ROB) I am sooo glad we finally made it. Today sucked big time. We had no time to enjoy much of the wildflowers during our stops because we only had a limited amount of daylight. We started at 6:15 in the morning and rode almost strait, except for an hour break for lunch and dinner, until now, 9:15 at night! My legs and butt hurt before this trip, and now they hurt even more. In fact, my knee is killing me and I can hardly walk around the campsite.

We asked a lady in the local grocery store the day before if this section of the trip to Port Hardy would have any hills. She said, “No, its pretty much strait, just lots of curves.” What does that mean? Strait and curvy? Turns out today was the hilliest ever! We kept thinking this has to be the biggest hill and from here on out it’ll probably be flat. Nope. We passed over a mountain range where we could see snow at nearly our same elevation. Very pretty, but at the time all I wanted to do was lay my head down anywhere and go to sleep.

Around 5:30pm we were getting hungry and we had to eat. But our options were to keep going to Port Hardy (strait), or make a side detour of 2km down a very steep hill. What a choice! Our legs hurt already and we really didn’t want to have to go back up the thing. But, alas, a big Potato Salad with tuna overulled and we made our way down.

Sleeping is good. Joseph already seems to be getting a bit A.D.D. He fidgets around and then gets everything he needs for bed and then lays down but just sits there with his eyes open. He is not eating nearly as much as me either. We just rode 20 miles from dinner and he’s not hungry. He fell off his bike twice today and now he says he has no feeling in one of his hands.