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June 29th: 190 Km Day

(ROB) Today we started early and pedaled our way mostly on the main highway to get up Vancouver. We stopped about every hour to half hour to get something to eat (basically we stopped a lot). At every stop we made it our goal to try and photograph three different plants. We noticed that southern Vancouver Island has a huge amount of flower diversity.

The second half of today we actually road along 19A, a parallel road to the main highway 19. It goes along the coast and is really beautiful. Anyhow, we stopped tonight in a big clearing that overlooked a giant logging facility on the bay. It’s a great campsite with no bugs and fairly warm. Both of us spent a long while scrubbing ourselves down before we went to sleep. I looked over the hill once to see some guy walking up it! Turns out Joseph was on the hill too (Totally naked!). The guy walked within about 20 yards of Joseph but didn’t even see him or our tent! We were so lucky! MAN.

Tomorrow is going to really suck. We have close to 140 miles to ride to get to our final destination to catch the ferry.

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