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JUNE 28TH: 150 Km Day:

(ROB) Today was our first day of the trip. I can’t say that it was easy so far. Joseph’s Dad dropped us off at the entrance to the Hood Canal and we began our ride to the ferry that would take us over to Vancouver Island.

I’ll never forget the first mile of our trip. We started the adventure on a steep downhill, on a busy, narrow bridge that had all sorts of giant holes in it and having never ridden with trailers before. I was behind Joseph and I remember his bike and trailer just bouncing all over the place. I thought he was going to loose it and crash right there.

I guess this day dispelled a lot of my worries. I was worried before the trip began that I wouldn’t be able to cope with the large hills, carrying my 50lb trailer and with a bike that had limited gears for climbing! That’s not to mention that we had to do 100 plus miles of that every day.

The other trouble of the day was when I noticed that I didn’t have the proper documentation to cross into Canada. Fortunately when I made it to the other side they didn’t care. Technically they probably could have not let me in, but I’m glad Canadians are nice. Our entrance into Canada basically began our first leg of the journey.

Victoria seems like a great town. We didn’t see more than the harbor and the main highway though. We basically left the town right away to drive north. Our campsite now is on some guys driveway that we hope he doesn’t use until morning. It doesn’t look like he comes up too much because there is a lot of grass on it.

We’ve decided that we can make the entire length of Vancouver in two more days to make the ferry on the first. If we don’t make it on the first, we have to wait till the third, which will put our trip back two days. The problem is that it’s about 250 more miles that we have to go in two days.