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June 26th: Preparation

(Rob) The Pacific Northwest is an amazing place. Growing up for a good part of my childhood in Colorado, I feel somewhat at home in these dense forests. However, there is a very different feel to this place. As we cycle around the roads I've noticed that we are surrounded by the ocean on nearly every bend of the road. The smell of the ocean, thus, pierces the senses upon reaching the shore. Unlike Hawaii, where you can't smell the ocean, it is very distinct here. The locals tell me that as a Marine Biologist, I should come here to try and save the cannal. They say that lots of shrimp and lobster are dying from low oxygen levels. Very interesting. I don't know if I could work here in the water though. Its very very cold! I couldn't believe how cold it was. Then again, Alaska is probably going to be much much colder. Joseph likes to jump in the water, and I don't like to let him outdo me, so I usually jump in too ... and then shivver for a few hours!

Today is the first day I have set up this system of entering in my journal comments. We leave in a day or two. Then the excitement can begin! Wish us luck. -- ROB