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July 7th: 100 km : Gravel Galore

(Joseph) Bears, more bears and a fox greeted us on this ride today. I thought that the black bear I saw in Hyder Alaska two days earlier would have been the only one I would of see for days for days. I guess I was wrong. Today we saw bears on couple of different occasions. The one lone fox was our last entertainment before hitting the 40 KM of gravel. My bones were rattled apart and my hands became pretty numb again. Despite all that, the gravel was not nearly as bad as everyone said. We road a hundred kilometers that day, which made us pretty tired. A massive uninhabited lake called Kinaskan was the perfect place to set up camp. We slept at the tranquil lake shore in relative peace.

(Rob) After the rainy day yesterday we found this great little lodge that specializes in Heli-skiing that we stayed in over night. It was a great little place with a sauna and hot tub. I slept in today late and then took a nice long hot shower. I found Joseph inside talking to the locals. We finally decided to leave the lodge at around 2pm and ended up riding until 10pm. We had about half the road to travel through gravel. We met a group of really nice students from Miami too. Since I went to the University there I could relate. (www.miamicountryday.org).

The coolest thing here was the Bear sightings. We saw a big grizzly on the road just out of town. Then we saw another black bear on the road farther down. Very cool.