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July 28th: :-: Hike Above Anchorage.

(Rob) I've been suffering from not being on my bicycle and exercising all day. I can't seem to go very long without a workout. Today I rode into Anchorage (1.5 hrs) to a gym to workout with Rebecca. I had to do some upper-body lifting before those muscles withered away! I know that the strength will come back shortly but I sure didn't have it today.

After the workout Joseph and I went for a hike with Rebecca and Andy, 2 kids and 2 dogs. Getting all of us into a little car was a bit of a trick! The hike wasn't nearly as difficult as getting there! Actually, once we started the hike the rain came. It made filming very difficult.

I'm getting a bit worried now about Joseph. He isn't working out with me at all and just sits around the house. Now, I know how much Joseph enjoys a workout and I know it must be killing him not to workout. I understand that he wants to rest his hands, but I figure he'd want to go with me on runs etc. We'll see how he does the rest of this week.