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July 27th: :-: Lake Swimming!

(Rob) I was still sore today, despite my one day of rest. I have a feeling that this might actually last a while longer too. I say this because I thought a good run today might loosen my muscles up enough for me to walk well again. It didn't. In fact, I got a big workout today. I went for a cold lake swim with this nice girl, Rebecca. Now I thought I could keep up with her before we started. I mean, I just road 2000 miles right! I've discovered slowly that all the rest of my muscles have deteriorated. I should have been able to swim a mile in at least 22 minutes. It took me nearly 29 minutes! My excuse for Rebecca was that I wasn't used to the water. I didn't have a wetsuit and I nearly froze my brain! I actually had a massive headache after this little swim of ours.