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July 13th: 6 km: Rest and Work!

(Joseph) After waking up at baseball field campsite in the town of Whitehorse, Rob and I pedaled over to the pay campgrounds, on the Yukon River, and took a well needed shower. Our day was spent in the Whitehorse library, updating the site offline until about 6:30 pm. Week took a 2 hour break from work and went the local theater. In our 3 week trip, the 2 hours in the theater was the only time I did not feel like I was on a road trip. We ate dinner at a small Italian Restaurant operated by an Indonesian family. then search the town for a bar so that we could plug the laptop. Instead we found a little internet café that sold coke and water. I felt like having a beer and ask the Jamaican girl who ran the place if she wanted one. She said “sure” so I bought a six pack and gave her and her co worker some. They ended up letting us use the internet free of charge. A good deal!

(Rob) Today was a rest day for us in the large city of Whitehorse, Yukon. Actually, the city really isn’t that big. Its more or less 4 blocks wide by maybe 2 miles long. It’s a town that probably began because it was on the river and was thus a kind of port town. We have not spent much time in the tourist information centers trying to figure that stuff out.

The rest of the time we actually spent uploading and working on our website. By chance we actually found this small internet café that was open at 10pm at night. There was one black girl working inside. She was Jamaican but raised in the Yukon. She didn’t blend in very well. Anyhow, we paid for our time uploading data by buying beers for the other workers. That was kinda weird..