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July 1st: 4km (Cruising the Inside Passage).

(Rob) (We hopped on the ferry at Port Hardy at 5:30 in the morning). – The whole day was spent on a giant ship called the Queen of the North. It was a BC ferry and actually part of the whole highway system. Its interesting. We saw, in nearly 1000 km, only one town and outside that only 2 small houses, each with one person in them. I didn’t think there were any other places like this in the world. I thought every available place of land was owned by humans but not here. It’s a true wilderness. We took the Inside Passage, which is surrounded by steep sided cliffs and in some places only 1400 feet across. Its also very deep. There are no beaches here. The cliffs drop strait into the water and if you were to have a kayak, you wouldn’t be able to get out of the water for nearly the entire stretch.

The whole ferry trip took 16 hours and it was a very enjoyable ride. It was like a cheap cruise. I think that it was a well needed rest too. My knee felt much better after the cruise and Joseph got some advice about his hand.