During our 9 week expedition we traveled from our home base on Oahu to Moloka'i, Lanai, Maui, around Kooholawe, and finally to the big island of Hawaii. We sent Hazen to Kaui to the top of the wettest place on earth. On each island we had a mission to explore one aspect of Hawaii's Forgotten Diversity.

On Oahu we explored traversed the Ko'olau ridge and looked for the amazing examples of evolution on the islands. In particular we had our eye out for the endangered Oahu Tree Snails.

Two large volcanos (West Maui and Haleakala) soar out of the ocean to compose this island. We hiked up 10,500 foot Haleakala to look for examples of the Silversword alliance.

The Big Island
The largest volcano in the world composes the bulk of this, the largest island in the Hawaiian Island Archapelago. Exausted as we were, we left our sailboat in the harbor and started a trek up Mauna Loa's 13,700 foot summit. When we finished we were treated to a lava field of molten rock emerging from the depths.


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