Wa'ahila Ridge:

This hike takes you from diverse, dry habitat through thorny thicket to a great overview of Manoa valley and Cook pine shade. Elevation gain 1000'

Ka'a'awa hike:

One of the best hikes for a great view with relatively little effort. The trail however is a steep 1100' elevation gain in about a half a mile. Many parts of the trail drop steeply downward. If you fall you die. This trail is thus sub-advanced because of steep ascents and potentially deadly drop-offs along the side of the trail.

Diamond Head:

The most recognized Hawaiian landmark, Diamond Head is a must climb. Its hot and at times is very crowded, but the view is great from the top (especially if you see it at sunrise). Its only 525 feet total elevation gain and a very short hike despite some steep stairs. The hike would be rated easy to moderate.

Moiliili Cave system: VIDEO

Interested in Caving? Hawaii has some great caves formed from lava tubes. This is a cave formed from erosion of the limestone baserock under the area of King and University streets near UH. Sorry though, we can't give the exact location of the cave as its still illegal to enter. If you're interested in learning more or helping change the current caving laws in Hawaii, learn more on this sight!.

Nu'uanu Stream:

Beautiful stream hiking: No maintained trail. No maintained entrance or exit. Beuatiful stream habitat though. Some of it through gorgeous forest.

Ka'au Crater: VIDEO

Non-maintained hike. You must get permission from home-owners before entering. However, this is one of my favorite hikes. There are three waterfalls that drop down this trail from the overflow out of the crater. When its raining it can even be a little dangerous.


If you willing to do about 8 hours of hiking, this is a challenging but very rewarding climb. Up on top, there is a possibility of seeing some endangered tree snails. Don't collect however, as you don't want to be the reason they all went extinct. On the summit there is a vertical drop of nearly 2,000 feet to one side and a slightly less vertical, but scary 500 foot drop on the other. Thus, not for the faint-hearted.

Portlock: VIDEO

A stroll at portlock can be accompanied by a swim in the pounding surf of the Pacific ocean. Be carefull though as this water is also not for the beginner. Many people have died by getting slammed into the rocks. Walking along the sides of the cliffs can also be dangerous if you don't watch for large swells breaking over the tops of the rocks.

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