Dolphins and Whales

How much do you know about whales and dolphins? In the following pages we'll discuss some of the main topics of cetacean-"whale and dolphin"-study. Here is a short video we found on Google Video to quickly wet your appetite.

There are currently 81 different species of cetaceans. Although, as resaerch progresses, new ones are always being discovered. A strange skull, for example was found in the Juan Fernandez Islands, off the coast of Chile, in June 1986. After nearly a decade of painstaking examination and scientific discussion, a team of whale experts finally concluded that this disovery was new to science. It was named Bahamonde's beaked whale in 1996, making it the most recent cetacean species to be formally recognized. Although believed to be a living species, no live representatives of this whale have yet been seen!

Dolphin Skeleton


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