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One of the best things we think you can do to help protect the these wild areas is to visit the rainforest.  We understand that there can be a lot of complications that arise when large numbers of people start traveling to once remote areas, but we also understand that places will get developed or cultivated unless the local communities see the potential profit in protecting the land.  Each person that visits should make it clear that they’re visiting because they want to see abundant wildlife and beatuful scenery.

The following places are but a small subset of places you can visit in the rainforest.  We chose them because they were places we have visited and found exceptional.  If there are other places that you’d like to see listed, email us and we’ll consider them for inclusion in this list.

Barro Colorado Island, Panama: BCI is considered a tropical moist forest. Its unique position in Panama near the canal zone makes it a premiere research facility. WATCH THE BARRO COLORADO ISLAND VIDEO

Daintree National Park, North Queenaland Australia: This tropical rainforest is one of the few places in the world where the "Reef meets the Rainforest". Large animals include the Emu and Crocodiles.

La Selva, Costa Rica: This is a Tropical Wet Rainforest located in central Costa Rica. The facility is run by OTS (Organization for Tropical Studies). A lot of important research is conducted at this facility. They have libraries, dorms, and eating facilities to compliment the large network of trails through the forest


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