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Lakes and Ponds

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If you've never taken the opportunity to explore your local pond you should. It doesn't make a lot of sense for us to highlight any unique ponds, but we will list some unique lakes.

Lake Malawi - This is the third largest lake in Africa and twelfth largest in the world. It has the highest diversity of African cichlids. Lake Malawi is located in the country of Malawi in south-central Africa. Local economies need tourists to visit so that the people can sustain themselves without depending on the national park for wild game or firewood

The Great Lakes, USA - Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron. These lakes have some scuba diving, but are often very cold in the winter. They offer a huge population of people in the United States with a lake to explore and learn about.

Lake Biakal - The oldest lake in the world located in Russia.

Lake Nicaragua - This lake would have been the location of the canal between the americas if the Panama Canal didn't work out. This lake also has freshwater sharks. In reality they are bull sharks, who have the capability of swimming in both fresh and salt water.



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