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Rainforest Lessons

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The Wild Classroom Rainforest Lesson Plans

  • Build a Rainforest: (Grades 4-8) Watch the Rainforest Video and then have students construct a model biome with different layers of the forest.

Outside Rainforest Lesson Plans

There have been many great lesson plans designed for students to aid in their study of the rainforest.  We thought we’d do the hard work for you and sort through the various biome lesson plans and create a list of the ones we think are the best.

The following Rainforest Lesson Plans are the best on the web:

  • Rhett A. Butler does some very interesting work on rainforest conservation and outreach. He has created one of the best sites on rainforest information on the web. Here are some other great resources.
  • Depending what grade level you're teaching, rainbird has a lot of good rainforest curriculums.
  • Great Kapok Tree: In our Rainforest Video we climbed a Great Kapok Tree. After students watch our introductory video they can do this lesson plan.


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