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Snake Videos

We have compiled many videos on snakes. Some are better than others, but all should provide some educational value.

Join us on a documentary examining snake venom or as we go into the forest 'gorilla style' looking for cottonmouths. Each video will be different but all of them will be entertaining!

Please be patient as we compile the snake videos for your enjoyment. In the meantime check out our NEW DEADLY SNAKES VIDEO.

Information by ROB NELSON


Snake Scientist Hazen Audel

Meet the Scientists

This website was made through the help of many top snake specialists

Rob Nelson Hazen Audel

Meet the Crew

Hazen, Rob, Leah, more ...

Water Moccasin

The Truth about the World's Deadliest Snakes

Hazen and Rob explore the concept of what makes a snake the deadliest!


A list of the most Venomous snakes

Drop for drop we list the top 80 snakes.

Broadband watersnake

More Snake Resources and Links

Can't find what you're looking for? We list our favorite snake sites.


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