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Venomous Snakes

Many people refer to venomous snakes as poisonous snakes. This is incorrect. A poisonous snake would be a snake that, if ingested is harmful. Snakes inject venom, and thus should properly be called venomous.

For a list of the most venomous snakes according to the toxicity of their venom see MOST VENOMOUS SNAKES

FAMILIES OF VENOMOUS SNAKE (and number of species)

  • Colubridae (4)
  • Atractaspidinae (18)
  • Acanthophiinae (98)
  • Elapinae (118)
  • Hydrophiinae (77)
  • Laticaudinae (14)
  • Azemiopinae (1)
  • Viperinae (53)
  • Crotalinae (151)

If you get bit by a venomous snake: VIDEO and information about the current ideas behind snake bite treatment.

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