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Snake Scientists

This site is only possible through the help of many people. We would like to thank all the scientists who gave their time to meet with us.

This short video is an interview made with Professor Ken Kardong, in March of 2006. Dr. Kardong works at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. More information about his research can be found through his web site at WSU below.

Ken KardongKen Kardong: "My research is focused upon the evolution of complex systems and the evolutionary processes involved. This has led to studies on marine and terrestrial organisms. But at present, the research centers upon the evolution of the complex jaw apparatus of advanced snakes. This is approached first through a thorough morphological description of the apparatus, followed by detailed functional and behavioral analyses of the organism. In the past, graduate students joining in these studies have focused upon ecological, behavioral, and biomechanical studies in approaching the larger evolutionary questions."

More information on Ken Kardong here.

Another snake scientist:

Dr. Brian Grieg Fry:

Brian is a scientist in Australia that specializes in elapid venom. He does a lot of work on sea snakes as well. For more information on Brian and what he does visit his website :

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