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Giant Snakes

There are many big snakes in the world. There is no way to define what a giant snake is except that its bigger than most snakes. Most snakes are no larger than 1.25 meters.

We quickly look at some of the record holders in various categories of snake 'gigantism'.

What is the longest snake ever recorded?
The longest snake ever recorded was a 11.5 meter green anaconda from South America (Oliver 1958 and Gilmore and Murphy 1993). Some biologists dispute this and consider the maximum length to be only 9 to 9.5 meters.

The longest Python?
The longest python on record was a reticulated python that reached a length of 10.1 meters. While it was common to find individuals with lengths up to 8 meters in the wild only a few decades ago, few wild creatures today exceed 5 to 6 meters.

Longest snake in Africa?
The African Rock Python is the longest African snake. One individual reached a length of 9.75 meters.

Longest pet snake?
The most popular 'giant' snake is the Indian Python (Python molurus). The longest pet snake on record reached a length of 5.8 meters. A subspecies of this python is the Burmese Python.

Longest Australian snake?
The longest Australian snake is the Scrub Python (Morelia amethystina) which reached a length of 8.5 meters.

Longest Venomous snake?
The longest venomous snake is the King Cobra.


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