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Snake Video Crew:

These pages were created by crew members from both Explore Biodiversity and the Wild Classroom. Most of the pages were created by Rob Nelson and Hazen Audel. The content was created for use with lesson plans that come with the Snake DVD.

Graphics for the DVD were created by Ty Resveldt and Christine Dubbs through Montana State University.

Crew Bios

Rob NelsonRob Nelson: Producer, Founder, Educator, Marine Biologist
Rob is the founder of Explore Biodiversity and the lead Director/Producer for most of the films done on the site. Rob also coordinates adding educational material to the site from the various "Teachers for Biodiversity" programs. Rob is currently pursuing funding to build EB and The Wild Classroom into a program that can be used across the world. Learn more about Rob

Hazen AudelHazen Audel: Education Producer, Ethnobotanist, Tropical Naturalist
Hazen conceived of the idea for The Wild Classroom, the educational outreach site for Explore Biodiversity. Hazen has over 10 years of experience teaching both field expeditions in Ecuador and high school biology in Washington State. Hazen brings not only his experience but his passion and exciting on camera personality. Learn more about Hazen

Contact Details

For information regarding snakes or content on this website contact:

Rob Nelson at ROB((at))

Hazen Audel at hazen((at))

For information regarding website development, educational video development, and more contact Rob Nelson at:

Rob Nelson
4960 Wolf Cr. Tr.
Flower Mound TX 75028
406 599 3267


Information by ROB NELSON


Snake Scientist Hazen Audel

Meet the Scientists

This website was made through the help of many top snake specialists

Rob Nelson Hazen Audel

Meet the Crew

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The Truth about the World's Deadliest Snakes

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A list of the most Venomous snakes

Drop for drop we list the top 80 snakes.

Broadband watersnake

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