This order contains only one family (Trogonidae) with 8 genera and 37 species. These tropical birds are found in most tropical regions (except Australia). One of the more famous ones is the Resplendent Quetzal, Pharomachrus mocinno, the national bird of Guatemala

Family Common name Total number
Trogonidae Trogons 37

Ecology: Trogons nest in association with wasps and termites. This makes studying them very difficult. Trogons are arboreal birds that live most of their lives entirely in the forests. They do not migrate.

The toes of trogons are heterodactylous, meaning that they have the first and second toes pointing backwards while the third and fouth toes point forewards. Most other birds with two in front and two in back are zygodactylous, meaning that the second first and fourth toes point backwards and the second and third toes point forward.

By Rob Nelson

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