This order of 6 families: Thes animals have several adaptations to help them make a living. Woodpeckers are probably the most famous members of this group, but it also contains the toucans, jacamars, barbets and honeyguides.

Family Common name Total number
Bucconidae Puffbirds ?
Capitonidae Barbets ?
Galbulidae Jacamars ?
Indicatoridae Honeyguides ?
Megalaimidae - ?
Picidae Woodpeckers, Wrynecks ?
Ramphastidae Toucans ?

Have two toes forward and two toes back.

Woodpeckers, the most famous of this order make a living banging their head against trees. They are cavity nesters and eat primarily insects in the wood. Woodpeckers have remarkable breeding systems.

By Rob Nelson

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