The approximately 190 extant species are divided between 12 families and 61 genera. Of these families, one, the Rails or Rallidae contains nearly two thirds (120) of all the species in the order. Of the other 11 families one, the Bustards contains 22 species, and two, the Buttonquails and the Cranes contain 15 species each.

Family Common name Total number
Aramidae Limpkin 1
Cariamidae Seriemas 2
Eurypygidae Sunbittern 1
Gruidae Cranes 15
Heliornithidae Finfoots ?
Mesitornithidae Mesites 3
Otididae Bustards 22
Pdionomidae Plains-wanderer 1
Phorsrhacidae Terror birds ?
Psophiidae Trumpeters 3
Rallidae Coots, Gallinules, Rails 120
Rhynochetidae Kagu 1

By Rob Nelson

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