This order, the jungle fowl, between the several families add up to 256 species in 58 genera. This is a group of medium sized birds that are more or less sedentary. The quail is one species that is known to migrate.

The family contains turkeys, guineafowl, pheasants, quail, and moundbuilders. Long necks and thin long legs are characteristic of birds in the group. Most birds are known for their meandering and walking habits. When they fly, they get off the ground through short bursts of powerfull energy.

Family Common name Total number
Meleagrididae Turkeys ?
Numididae Guineafowl 6 ?
Phasianidae Pheasants, Quail, relatives ?
Tetraonidae Grouse, Prairie-chickens 18
Odontophoridae Quail, Bob white 32
Megapodiidae Mound builders 19
Cracidae Guans, Currasows, Chachalacas 50
Mesitornithidae Mesites (Madagascar endemic) 3

Meleagrididae script (Hazen)

Hazen Audel here, and we have something special for you today. Here I was walking through the woods eating my turkey sandwich (show sandwich) I stumbled upon the source of my sandwich. Thats right, this is where it all starts.

I'm looking at the nest of a Galliforme bird, a turkey. Its in the same order as pheasants, quail and grouse. Now let me show you some neat things.

Undernieght me now in this forest are about a dozen eggs, very typical for turkey. They'll be here for 28 days from the time the mother laid them. Then, when these guys hatch, they'll be covered in hair (we call that precocial). They'll be independent from day 1, unlike birds that are reared from a nest.

Then, here's some trivia for you ... do you know what a baby turkey is called? ... No. They're called Poults! Well, thats until they are 4 weeks old anyhow.

Ok, I'm going to finish my turkey sandwich. Lets hope these poults don't grow up to be my lunch! Till next time, keep exploring ...

(Hazen, keep this short. work on taking each shot from a different angle and making them blend together well. You don't have to say the script exactly, I just wanted this to give you a base. The main thing is to keep it short, succinct and mention we're talking about Galliforme birds so we can include it here).

By Rob Nelson

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