The Order Coraciiformes has 10 families, around 41 genera, and over 200 species. This family includes the bea-eaters (who specialize in eating live bees), the kingfishers (who eat fish and vertebrates), the rollers, and the hornbills.


Family Common name Total number
Alcedinidae Kingfishers ?
Brachypteraciidae Ground-Rollers ?
Bucerotidae Hornbills ?
Coraciidae Rollers ?
Dacelonidae Kookaburra ... ?
Leptosomidae Cuckoo-roller ?
Meropidae Bee-eaters ?
Momotidae Motmots ?
Phoeniculidae Wood-hoopoes ?
Todidae Todies ?
Upupidae Hoopoes ?

Bea-eaters breed in colonies and have whats known as cooperative breeding. More than just the male and females will help raise the young. These animals are able to recognize close relatives. The amount of help that an individual gives is related to how close its kin is.

Rollers are open-country birds.

Hornbills are very large birds. Most Hornbills are ground birds that consume fruit, reptiles, and other vertebrates. They have very remarkable social skills. One species has females that lay their eggs in a cavity in a tree. Later the male seals her in the hole. The male feeds her while she's in the cavity. Then, before fledging she flies out, yet the oldest fledgling seals the whole again.

By Rob Nelson

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