This is an order that has been reorganized recently. It used to contain a flamingos and not vultures. Now Flamingos are in their own order. Most of these birds are large, aquatic birds (exept vultures). They have large wings and are all carnivores or scavengers.

Family Common name Total number
Ardeidae Bitterns, Egrets, Herons 65 (20)
Balaenicipitidae Shoebill ?
Cathartidae New World Vultures 7 (5)
Procellariidae Albatrosses, Petrels, Shearwaters, Storm Petrels ?
Rostratulidae Pained Snipe ?
Scolopacidae Sandpipers ?
Scopidae Hamerkop ?
Threskiornithidae Ibises and Spoonbills 34 (14)
Ciconiidae American Vultures and Storkes 19 (6)

By Rob Nelson

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