The Charadriiformes is a large, diverse order, united mainly by anatomical characteristics of the palate, syrinx, and muscles. They include the gulls and shorebirds. Currently 16 families.


Family Common name Total number
Alcidae Auks 23 (12)
Burhinidae Thick-knees ?
Charadriidae Avocets, Lapwings, Oystercatchers, Plovers, Stilts 66 (11)
Chionididae Sheathbill ?
Dromadidae Crab-plover ?
Glareolidae Coursers / Pratincoles ?
Haematopodidae Oystercatchers ?
Jacanidae Jacanas 8 (6)
Laridae Auks, Guillemots, gulls, murres, puffins, terns 128 (28)
Rynchopidae Skimmers 3 (1)
Larinae Gulls 50 (6)
Recurvirostridae Avocets, Stilts 11 (4)

By Rob Nelson

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